Thursday, January 5, 2012

MegaMan Revalations

Best way to describe this by what we may know, it is a mixture of BattleNetwork and ZX. A Matrix idea if you will.

Concept I

MegaMan is a program created, DNA based computer program whom exists as a net guardian; a program charged with protecting a specific net function (or individual interaction). Created by a program reminiscent of one names Light, whom uploaded his mind to a computer before his death.

Living on, he created a few programs to protect him from the net as well as from hackers/crackers whom plague the net with their worms, viruses, programs, etc. MegaMan is a byproduct of this.

One such cracker simply enjoys breaking into places to look around, just to see if he can. Not meant to cause harm, more leaning towards exposing weaknesses to allow whomever to fix such. He locates MegaMan and is intrigued by him. Testing him with a few modified viruses to see what he can do and watches him destroy the viruses.

He attempts to communicate with MegaMan which at first doesn't work out, but eventually MegaMan listens. They talk for a bit and the cracker decides to assist MegaMan in his charge of protection. MegaMan, hesitant declines at first. After another interaction with other Viruses, he accepts the crackers assistance. They clue Light in on this, whom doesn't like the idea, but accepts MegaMan's choice and begin to hunt down recurring viruses to get rid of what is sending them Light's way.

Concept II

After the Cracker's and MegaMan's union, their encounters lead to other hackers/crackers and other problems within the real world. Knowing this, the Cracker hooks up his body to the net and 'downloads' MegaMan into his body. Effectively temporarily merging with one another. His body changes to portray Megaman's features and abilities and they hunt down those responsible for the Net problems.

Since if MegaMan can venture out of the Network, other code can too and cause robotic malfunctioning/taken over, other people to be 'merged' with, etc.


Idea is that MegaMan behaves like a Virus, can move in and out of anything connected to the Network. With not only malicious programs in the Network, there were malicious people interacting with the Network, problems from both sides. MegaMan's function is bias, and is seen as an enemy to others and perhaps to others he is supposed to be fighting with. This 'Grey Area' enables many opponents, characterization for MegaMan and events that land true allies and true enemies.

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Return of the Rock.

A concept I have been tinkering with, is the return of MegaMan into the Robotics Timeline. After ZX to be specific. Leaning towards it being a one-shot.

After the ZX series climax (possibly some form of Civil War between citizens and Sage government), Rock crash lands back on Earth. Finds himself unable to recognize the planet as being the one he left centuries earlier.

- Possible -
Looking around for days, he finds Roll and Rush (maybe Beat), and upon so, has gleamed some info as to what is going on.

Rock learns a little bit about what is going on in this world and finds himself looking for historical records to learn what he could. Being absent from Earth and full of recent memory being that world of Duo and etc, he had little to no idea of anything present.

Only able to learn a bit of the present history, he decides to look around a bit, since having been rebuilt/fixed and partially remodeled during his time gone, he wasn't 'scared' to venture around.

Hoping to find something, he ultimately comes across a being whom was in possession of Model X, this being was badly wounded days earlier and has laid in his spot for a while, hoping for help. Rock gives him a hand and is given Model X as a token of appreciation. Through this, Rock and X communicate, about what happened with Light (X's brief memories), X's life, the Maverick Wars, the Elf Wars, Copy X/Weil conflict and the more recent Model W Crisis. Taking it all in, Rock was stunned on how badly the Earth was.

Accepting Model X, or X rather as being his younger Brother, they team up to give another go at assisting this world. Rock permanently merges with Model X: Granting him a form of armor modification to his body as well as modifying Rock's weapons, leaving X a consciousness to Rock (symbiotic unity).

- Possible -
After the ZX Crisis and Little 4, perhaps the Little 4 broke away from each other (by duty, by re-emerging memories of their former selves, by re-emerging minds of their 4 BioMetal, etc) and created their own clans for survival. Not only to be hunted by Rock (for answers or powers), but also have their forms of tyranny to the world around them (turf wars, clan conflicts, etc) and ultimately discovers that a singular mind was responsible for the Little 4 branching out, for the Climax (Civil War?), whom instigated Albert on his path of the Game of Destiny; Weil.

A small portion of the Ragnarok/Leavatine remains after the crash had partially formed together (courtesy of Weil's machine body merging with the unit) and hidden itself prior Albert's interference. Keeping a distance as this body slowly reformed, was watching what Albert was doing. After said Climax, slowly begins to appear to the world.

Rock vs Weil to a point.

- Possibility II -
At the ZX time, with the Equality Laws and after Albert's interference, the citizens rise up against the Sage Government (after Thomas?) and this triggers a Civil War (the one I mentioned above as a catalyst for this plot). Years after this rebellion, Rock finds himself in the middle of the fighting. Either choosing to create a group counter to what is going on, or assisting those he sympathizes with, and triggers his involvement within the fighting to take out those instigating the fighting in order of resolving it properly.

This could be a precursor to the Possibility above.

Additional thoughts not placed (if ever placed):
The fate of bass. Rock would have ProtoMan's shades as a momento to him since he would most likely die of his 'core'. But Bass would be missing, if not destroyed by Wily. R-Shadow would have a small cameo, even if it was his scarf. King would have a cameo, for some characterization to Model Z(ero) (perhaps Bass too could participate in this characterization).

Just a rough idea.

Sunday, December 4, 2011

Model O/Omega BioStone.

Taking a different approach to Model O/Omega's presence within ZX. More specifically within Area N, with the Vortex in the background and Omega seemingly being a replaying memory during his Finest Battle... I (as well as another by the name of Telos) have come to a theory of what Model O could, or rather would consist of within the ZX universe.

So remember, speculation, always keep that in mind.

During the play through of ZX, you come to a point to where you are following a Dig site. And then you face a Pseudoroid, where he refers to there being a strong BioMetal sense within the area. And since this doesn't apply to the Model W Core, at least directly, the only alternative would be the Natural occurred BioStone of Omega's essence. Within the long since compressed and forgotten Area Zero.

And following that (including unused sprites), Omega's reincarnation would have played a seemingly larger role, than some 'fanservice' boss/unlockable. However that is not the case within the final product, as that is exactly what we got. And including the ZX:Advent unused sprites as well, it further suggests that Model O would have returned to become a boss. Optional most likely.

Now I will roughly draft our idea (as to not loose 'First Rights' to the internet).

We conceived that CyberSpace would become yet another optional place to explore and would be further drawn for story purpose. Since this concept in a sense revolves around CyberSpace. Someone on mandatory study within CyberSpace would end up locating a Data pool for severely outdated data, and would led to the instigation of further BioMetal.

To be blunt, within that Data Pool contains the data essence for every Reploid and Cyber-Elf to have lost it's manifestation and decomposed to a raw data format. It could be referred to as the 'Trash" section within online networks.

They would consider it as a mainstream project, (Thanks mainly to utilizing Model O for the dimensional rifts as being the prime source), and would delve within it in a 'study'. Which would led them to the Sigma code. Since there is more code revolving around Sigma, there would be more similar data to link. Mother Elf, Reploid Sigma, Virus Sigma, the Sigma Virus (yes, it is different), Colony Virus (leading back to Sigma Virus), Reploid Sigma DNA, Sigma Virus incarnations... Copy Chip Sigma (revised patch for the Reploid Sigma. Hence the design difference).
But continuing, this would become a subject of interest, and would eventually led to a realization for Sigma to be forged into BioMetal form. With Ourourborus having crashed into the Ocean, it's parts are still applicable to the same research that Ceil conducted to create the original 6 variants.

Sigma not becoming a BioMetal, (coming from the Sigma Virus incarnation point of view, hence Mother Elf reference), It would behave in a sinister method. Most likely it would locate his BioMatch, and would initiate his search for the most powerful being around (I.E. the Virus reference). And upon discovering an applicable portion of Model W Core that is still possessing it's 'Will', Model S would in turn forge itself with Model W Core. Resulting in a whole new being. Since the merge would accumulate with both portions (completing each other in a full sense), it would become more than just a core, it would become a being with the Will of 2 beings, the power of Sigma and the maliciousness of Model W Core. This would become more or less a catastrophe character for CyberSpace and the material world.

That takes care of the ultimate Villain for the concept. Now to cover the 'protagonist'.

With Model O playing the role of 'protagonist' it would obviously refer to the BioStone being able to choose itself a BioMatch. Well in a sense. With how Omega is presented within Zero 3 and within ZX, a safe speculation would be that Omega has more or less a type of direct connection to CyberSpace. His power emitting capable of causing dimensional rifts between the 2 plains of the world. That would also apply tho his behavior. Being a type of 'power consuming' entity. Hence Weil's capability for controlling him. Weil had something Omega could have benefited from. And with Omega, in a sense being Maverick Zero, would consist of a more instinct type consciousness. But fully capable of everything else conscious being is. Just revolves around instinct more.

This would play a role for the 'during' part of the concept.

Model O, being power hungry, would locate a BioMatch that has a lot of energy to sustain him/herself as well as Model O. Since Model O would need a host to act as transport, a more powerful being is necessary. Upon locating the BioMatch, it would synchronize up and would become more or less a 'parasitic union'. And when the Model O senses that the host is weakening, it can simply create a dimensional rift and absorb a Cyber-Elf or 2. It would act as an alternative source of energy.

But this is where a twist occurs. Model O would be the instinct type, meaning it would more or less eliminate anything to get in his way. And he would use the host to get the job done. This would in turn create an internal conflict between the host and the Model. Becoming a form of 'urgency' for the host, and furthering character development for both.

With the union, the host would be forced to either continuously fight Model O for the dominance of the body, or to submit. Both plays crucial to the ending climax.

As already stated, Model O would be a parasite to the Host. Meaning it is draining either the host, of feeding off of Cyber Elf's in order to maintain manifest. With that, their interactions would not be one sided. The host would either be fighting Model O internally, or would be submitting to his will. Both would play a role within the climax. Depending on how you behave during, would judge what happens at the end.

If the host was forced to do something ill-fated, the host would in tern either enjoy the action and result, or would despise it and further his disgust for the Model. Example: "Host walks through a city street. Get's insulted or whatever. The host can either ignore Model O's urges for destruction, or feed into it. Resulting in either walking away, getting weaker from the insubordination. Or would be driven to get rid of the fellow. And whatever is around as collateral damage.

That would play a constant 'struggle' within the concept. In that it will alter the end climax and the end result depending on interaction display.

Leading on, this would become a plot driver. Meaning this would be the reason that Model O unintentionally seeks the New Being. Model O is unaware of anything more powerful at the time, and at first would only be driving for itself. But, with him constantly battling with the host, or vice versa, it knows that it needs to keep treading on.

And that comes to Model O's realization. That there must be a stronger being out there. If he exists, others must as well. This in turn triggers a search for strong opponents. Which leads to the encounter of the New Being. With this encounter, Model O's lust is overwhelmed and is blindingly urging his Host to fight. So strong that the host is compelled to fallow through. Triggering the end of defeating the being. Model O Leaches off of it for a short time, only to discover that the Being is renewing itself. This leads to a direct follow up.

But as for alterations. If you choose to oppose the Model, the final battle is more difficult because you are slowly being drained, and at the end, the host ends up not destroying someone very close to him/her. In such a way that Model O absorbs the last bit of life, killing the host. Resulting in the 'good ending'. The host martyred him/herself to protect which led to their demise.

The other would be that the host ends up destroying the other, and becomes consumed with Model O. Reaching a similar line between the Model and Host, they continue on, on a path of destruction in search of the New being.

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

War Machine: Model W(eil).

With Model W's existence seemingly all due because of Albert, or so ZX: Advent states, I've speculated else where that Albert more or less is taking credit for minor alterations to what ultimately was coming into existence prior his involvement and without his assistance. Though since Albert got his hands on the 'remains', it is basically into his favor. But I'd like to offer an alternative theory.

Back in Zero 4, during the Ragnarok Incident... Weil, bound to a machine body within regenerative armor, fusing himself with the Core of Ragnarok, Laevatein... Was whole new type of entity. The entire station becoming his body, the Core remaining his place of Consciousness, was still bound to typical Being set-up... Only difference is, Weil was the Core, thus the Station itself was the Body.

When Conflicting with Zero forces his hand to the Fusion, it was within a situation that would have proven in Weil's favor, had Zero not attacked and destroyed the Core. The Core exploding with Weil as part of it, it basically destroyed the Humanoid body of Weil. What there was after Fusion anyway. Then the Atmospheric re-entry destroyed nearly every critical part of Ragnarok... Leaving Laevatein more vulnerable to impact. Not to say the atmosphere burning didn't have an effect on the Core, it just didn't take enough to have been reduced to nothing.

This event occurred during the Human portion of Alberts life, at least the early portion. With that speculation, Albert would have had some knowledge within Reploid basis and technology. Locating and obtaining the remains of Weil's Laevatein, Albert would have the medium that would ultimately come to shape the future that is ZX.

However, the Laevatein remains had Weil fused within them. Meaning, Weil's body is gone, however he continued to exist within the remains. If there is any extent for his body ability too fused is unknown. Though for the sake of this theory, it exists. To the point that Laevatein would eventually begin to reform. Forming a Composite body of Weil essentially. So even without Albert, the MegaMan Universe would have seen Weil again... In some form or another...

But because Albert got to the remains first, he was able to study the remains and reconfigure it into what he dubbed as Model W. Which would go on to be re-buried, re-uncovered, and led to the Ciel 6 and Model A... Thus setting the ZX events up.

The ZX series would have been very different had Albert not intervened with Laevatein remains. There may not have been the Ciel 6 (that we would have seen, or in the same fashion), no Grey nor Model A (that we would have known)... Instead, it would have set forth another future... Something similar to Ghost in the Shell. With such a threat as Weil continuing to exist, with no Hero's... Someone (Ciel, Allouette?) would have possibly uncovered the Hero Cyber Elf's again... But would most likely have implanted such into newly crafted bodies. It would have essentially been the Hero's Resurrection, not as a BioMetal...

Ciel did create Copy X, who was nearly identical to X. So the others wouldn't have been far fetched. And taking ZX's adaptation of Allouette, Prairie... She would have shown interest in the same, or would have opted to assist Ciel, her older sister. It would have been a team effort, more or less.

Friday, August 7, 2009

∑; The Maverick War Instigator.

This is to review what Sigma has went through near the current latest installment in the X series.

At the end of X7, Sigma was shown to have been ejected from a Building, several stories up... Not to be shown again... Then we see in X8 a Sigma entity without anything of that body? No head, or body similarities.

This is where my theory comes from. Sigma manipulated Red Alert in X7, with most fighting the Hunters. Yet we can assume that few survived. But mostly we can assume that Sigma survived (obviously, but not the point) and from then disappeared.

My theory consists of Sigma going into hiding after the X7 events, and either using remaining Red Alert members as a cult to his aid, or other members whom perhaps have been following him for years. What I mean is, looking at the inconsistency of information after X7 to the full blown 'information' present within X8, something may not be flowing straight up.

After he was ejected from the building, his injured body would have sustained impact damage. But his core, his Head was still in okay condition. Which without the heads destruction, the Virus cannot be destroyed in that degree. So, Sigma survived, but with his followers, manipulated or whatever, taking his damaged body and/or head into hiding. To which where Sigma was projected into a machine that would keep the head alive. From this, we can also suspect that his dreams would still be of priority, but without a new body presently, he was unable to act.

So instead of Sigma taking over yet another body, what if Sigma's Virus was granted a Proxy sort to say, and a copy was created with the same potential with the Virus? And that Proxy was the Belial Sigma found in X8?

It would make sense for Sigma to ruse the Hunters into believing that he is gone. It gives Sigma another puppet to act on his behalf. And it furthers his grip on what is going on around him. Plus it is an overlooked possibility, other than another character granting Sigma a full DNA resurrection...

Many reasons I say this is because of the character inconsistencies between Sigma in X1-7 and X8. Plus the copy Sigma's in completely different forms. Perhaps it is that body Sigma resides in within X8, but it is Belial Sigma (proxy Sigma) that was seen as the villain.